TIVDIO 99 Canal RF Sans Fil KTV Hôtel Restaurant Pagination Système de File D'attente Diffusion Audio Noir Récepteur Hôte 433 MHz F3289A

sistema de chamada sem fio garçom, campainha de mesa

Enfermeira Equipamentos

K-800+ab+hChuveiros de rádio. Sistema nervoso. Digital wireless guest paging system. Ape1500w. Calling transmitter button: Alerta vermelho. Component: Paginação remotaK-4-c+h3-wblack. F3289a. Escritório chamando. 

Elenco De Som Alto-falantes

Wireless transmission system. Na-636. Testes de alarme. Wireless service buzzer system. Bill, call, cancel. Belle spa. Wireless guest waiting calling system. Round, super thin. K-u1 button :K-300plus+k-h4-gyellow. Descrição do relógio. Table paging system. F3303b-f3293bx10. With cable or strip. Call system for food court restaurant. Chamada cuco. F3303b-f3302b-f3298fx15: Working voltage: : 

Chaveiro De Voz

Wireless service taking meals calling equipmen. Self-service restaurant table call paging system. Ape6800,ape150w. Botão de pressão 18mm. Coaster pager. Waiter button system. Waiter calling button system. Waiter pager server system. Office call bell system. Novas línguas. Black. Wholesale restaurante queue. Wholesale receptor estéreo sem fio. Queue patron pager system. Wireless guest. 

Sistema De Restaurante

Bank,bar,ktv.etc. Queue number display. 3-digits,red led display, 1.8 inches. 95*95*15mm. K-302 k-o1-plusK-300plus k-o3. Number waiting system. Ape750b. Tickete restaurante. Ape:9500;ape730. Ape6900,ape150w-10. Lcd 16 em. Work frequency: Wireless call pager system. Hospital call nurse bell system. 

) I`m Daisy and I love football. Here you can see all families of football, because we`re one..." /><"#/page/12" />

All football families

Hello :) I`m Daisy and I love football. Here you can see all families of football, because we`re one family.
If you need something, just write and ask ;)


,,My two fantastic things that Clarice has given me! 😂❤️😍” - Marcelo


,,With my better half 💛 I love you, Pilar!” - Sergio

,,😍❤Rn’R❤😍 There’s nothing better than true love. There’s nothing better than you. I LOVE YOU, BABY!” - Pilar


Sergio with Sergio Junior and Marco during the match against Deportivo Alaves at Santiago Bernabeu on February 24, 2018 :)